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Benefits of Using Hearing Aids

Benefits of Hearing Aid Use

Hearing aids, at face value, help us hear better. Although they will not restore hearing fully, they help provide a fuller range of sound, clarity and improve how one hears.

Untreated hearing loss is an isolating and frustrating experience. The World Health Organization estimates that around 50 million Americans live with hearing loss. Of that population, around 80% could benefit from wearing hearing aids.

Hearing aids improve the overall quality of life for those who have suffered from the negative impacts on relationships, work and social life. Although choosing to use hearing aids can be intimidating at first, the benefits pay off and can make a positive impact in all areas of life.

Relationships and Hearing Aids

Hearing and communication are inseparable. In everyday situations at school, work, daily conversations or talking on the phone, hearing is quintessential for one to communicate. When hearing loss is untreated, one is at risk of pulling away from the people and world around them, retreating to social withdraw. The effort to communicate with family, friends and co-workers can be fruitless when hearing loss is at play. Because of this, one is more prone to anxiety, depression, and stress due to social isolation.

Those with hearing loss aren’t the only ones affected. Families and loved ones often become frustrated when they can’t be understood.

Hearing aids can help reduce frustration and stress from hindered communication thus helping one rebuild relationships. Hearing aids work as a tool to improve speech clarity and volume. Hearing aids also provide a level of confidence, putting your mind at ease so you can fully participate in conversations. With clearer communication, one will be able to enjoy their social time with family, friends and the community again without stress. Better hearing means better relationships, and better relationships ultimately can help one feel more confident in oneself. Not only are hearing aids a sophisticated piece of technology but they can be a great tool for life as well!

Work or School or Both!

Whether at work or in school, untreated hearing loss affects your performance. Struggling to listen in class, meetings or other situations can result in one feeling exhausted, stressed and irritable.

In the work place, essential communication, job participation and performance may suffer. Ultimately, this leads to reduced earning power. Similar risks follow in education when one can’t understand lectures or hear instructions.

Hearing aids help relieve the strain and stress brought on by hearing loss. Research shows that hearing aids can increase your overall work performance and earning power. By restoring one’s communication, one may feel less exhausted and can thus concentrate on putting their best efforts and work into their job and school!

Connecting to the World Around You

Hearing is an essential part of our lives. If one has hearing loss, hearing aids do more than just help us stay in touch with our senses. With hearing loss some will first lose the smaller sounds like singing birds and doorbells. Although these are minor situations, they also may mean that one is at the safety risk of not hearing fire alarms, horns or sirens. Not only is hearing one of our natural safeguards but it also adjusts us to the surrounding world. Today hearing aids help one be aware of the world around one to stay oriented to our environment and be safe.

More impressively, today’s hearing aids can now be customized to address one’s hearing loss and suit one’s lifestyle. New technology has resulted in hearing aids that connect wirelessly to technologically-savvy world and endure active lifestyles. Knowing that one can fully participate in conversations, in your surroundings, and in your favorite activities allows one to enjoy all that life has to offer.

So what now?

If you feel like you may be experiencing changes in your hearing, contact us at Optimum Audiology. We provide comprehensive hearing exams and consultations to find the best hearing solution for you.

How Will Hearing Aids Benefit Your Life?

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