Introducing Relax, Starkey Hearing Technologies’ New Tinnitus Relief App

With an estimated 50 million Americans experiencing tinnitus, Starkey Hearing Technologies is proud to introduce Relax. This new app is designed to help provide personalized relief to people suffering from tinnitus and encourage them to seek help from you, the hearing professional.Relax is a comprehensive tinnitus education and self-management tool that includes 12 different relief sounds. All 12 relief sounds can be customized to personal preference and saved uniquely. Since most patients who experience tinnitus also experience hearing loss, our Relax app can stream relief sounds directly to our Made for iPhone®hearing aids via an iOS device or 900 MHz wireless hearing aids via SurfLink® Mobile.

Relax has been designed to be used in conjunction with or incorporated into the following tinnitus management strategies:
Amplification (hearing aids): amplifies ambient sounds to cover the tinnitus.
Sound Therapy: uses sound to decrease the loudness or prominence of tinnitus.
In addition, Relax includes a comprehensive tinnitus education about symptoms, causes, treatments and solutions as well as a way to reach a hearing professional for additional consultation via our appointment booking call center.
We are also proud to announce that Starkey Hearing Technologies is a member of the American Tinnitus Association, a global leader in the effort to find a cure for tinnitus. Starkey Hearing Technologies and ATA are working together to bring tinnitus awareness, education and solutions to patients.

Start sharing Relax with your patients today as part of your tinnitus treatment plan. Call your representative with any questions.

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