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Phonak: Company Overview

Founded in Switzerland in 1947, Phonak is dedicated to reconnecting people to their lives and loved ones through hearing technology. Phonak has created several industry firsts: AudioZoom, a multi-microphone technology; Claro, the first fully digital hearing aid; and SmartLink, the first hearing aid to use Bluetooth technology for wireless connection. Phonak is also committed to shattering the stigma around hearing loss and increasing access to hearing aids with Hear the World Foundation.

What’s New

Phonak Venture

Venture Platform

Hear more than you can imagine.

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Phonak Sky V

Sky Q

Let kids explore the world with confidence.

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Designed to be worn 24/7 for months at a time.

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Venture Processing Platform

The Venture Processing Platform is Phonak’s newest operating system, designed to analyze and balance sounds faster than previous platforms while using 30% less battery power. With over 200 channels, Venture provides wearers with a seamless listening experience, analyzing and adjusting sounds as wearers move through different environments.

Venture enhances features found in previous Phonak hearing aids: Speech in Noise, which improves speech recognition up to 60%; Comfort in Noise and Calm, which enhances speech in quieter environments; UltraZoom, which gives wearers the ability to focus on specific sounds; and Speech in 360, which gives Phonak wearers a full spectrum of sound.

Venture also brings three new features to Phonak hearing aids: Speech in Car (tailored for the listening environment inside vehicles), Comfort in Echo (designed to balance and soften reflected sounds), and Music (to provide music lovers with high quality sounds of music – which are at different frequencies than speech).

Sky Q Hearing Aids

SkyQ hearing aids are designed to address the hearing needs of children and teens. Phonak has taken into account the active lifestyles of young people while designing SkyQ. The result is a line of sturdy hearing aids that are water and dust resistant, and are worn in the behind-the-ear style to accommodate growth spurts. Battery doors are tamperproof. SkyQ hearing aids provide young wearers with improved speech recognition and a comfortable listening experience. When coupled with Phonak’s Roger wireless microphone system, SkyQ hearing aids wirelessly stream amplified sound directly to the wearer’s ears. This is particularly useful in academic settings. Hearing specialists have identified the importance of hearing aids to treat hearing loss in childhood development, and SkyQ meets this call.

Phonak Sky hearing aid in Victorville, CA
Sky V
Roger Touchscreen Mic
Lyric hearing aid in Victorville, CA

The Lyric Hearing Aid: 24/7

Known as the “contact lens for the ear,” the Lyric is a fully invisible hearing aid worn up to four months at a time, subject to lifestyle and environment. The Lyric does not require removal or battery recharge during these months. At your hearing aid fitting, the Lyric is inserted deep in the ear canal where it remains until it is removed and replaced with a new pair.

Unlike traditional hearing aids that require removal, Lyric may be worn during daily activities such as showering, exercising, and sleeping. Utilizing the natural anatomy of the ear and audiological processes, the Lyric reduces background noise, delivers high-quality sound, and improves the ability to hear higher frequencies. The Lyric is designed for people who experience mild to severe hearing loss.

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Hearing Aid Styles and Models

Phonak offers three main families of hearing aids: Audeo V, Bolero V, and Virto V. Audeo V is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid, Bolero is a behind-the-ear hearing aid, and Virto V is a customizable in-the-ear/in-the-canal/completely-in-canal/invisible-in-canal hearing aid. All three families of hearing aids are powered by the Venture platform.

To address different degrees of hearing loss, Audeo, Bolero, and Virto hearing aids are customizable in different technology levels. These are: Essential (V30), Standard (V50), Advanced (V70), and Premium (V90).

Phonak also offers the CROSII for people who experience single-sided deafness. CROSII captures sound from the non-hearing ear and mixes it with sound data from the hearing side. For those with severe to profound hearing loss, Phonak offers NaidaQ hearing aids.

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