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Widex: Company Overview

Founded in Denmark in1956, Widex began as a family owned business and is now a leading manufacturer in hearing aids. The company was founded with the mission “to provide hearing solutions that are easy to use seamlessly integrated in daily life and enable people to hear naturally.” Widex hearing aids all provide wearers with the trademark “Widex Sound,” which captures the full spectrum of sound from the quietest whisper to multiple voices in conversation.  Widex Sound provides a flexible listening experience, customized to meet the wearer’s specific needs. As an innovator in the industry, Widex was the first manufacturer to offer a digital in-the-ear hearing aid. In 2012, Widex received the European Inventor Award for their advanced hearing aid technology – “sleek micro-computers for your ears.”

UNIQUE hearing aids give wearers a wider sound picture that amplifies soft sounds and balances loud sounds for comfort. UNIQUE also offers an excellent sound reduction system, which is especially useful for hearing speech in windy environments. With an automatic detection feature, UNIQUE hearing aids analyze listening situations to ensure that wearers hear the right sounds in the moment. UNIQUE hearing aids offer wireless connectivity to smartphones through the COM-DEX app, which allows wearers to make adjustments to volume and preferences with discretion and ease. UNIQUE hearing aids are available in a variety of styles: completely-in-canal, in-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, and behind-the-ear.

Widex Hearing Aids

With true-to-life sound and a wider spectrum in the listening experience, the Widex DREAM lives up to its name. DREAM hearing aids offer detailed sound without distortion, as well as improved speech recognition especially in noise. Through wireless connection, DREAM hearing aids allow wearers to stream music, media, and phone calls directly from smartphones to their ears. DREAM hearing aids are also equipped with a specialized music feature and microphones to identify sounds from both the front and the back. DREAM hearing aids are available in completely-in-canal, in-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, and behind-the-ear styles.

widex dream

SUPER Hearing Aids

Widex SUPER Hearing AidsTo address higher degrees of hearing loss, Widex offers the SUPER hearing aid. This receiver-in-canal hearing aid provides stronger amplification and sound quality for people who experience severe to profound hearing loss. With enhanced speech recognition abilities, SUPER hearing aids are small, but powerful. They provide wearers with a full spectrum of sound, capturing speech in 360 degrees and canceling out extraneous noise in loud settings. SUPER is equipped with wireless capabilities, allowing for connection to smartphones.

Widex Zen Therapy

Widex Zen therapyTinnitus is present in 80% of hearing loss cases. To address the symptoms of tinnitus, Widex offers Zen Therapy, a four-part program to offer relief. Zen Therapy consists of :

  1. Counseling – to educate and assist the limbic system to alter its negative interpretation of the tinnitus via cognitive and behavior intervention.
  2. Amplification – to stimulate the ears and brain and to prevent overcompensation.
  3. Fractal tones – otherwise known as Widex Zen tones, delivered in a discreet and convenient manner, designed to both relax and provide acoustic stimulation.
  4.  Relaxation – highlighted by behavioral exercises and sleep management strategies.

Widex Zen2go


Zen Therapy is available in Widex hearing aids, or as Zen2Go, a standalone device for people who suffer from tinnitus but do not experience hearing loss.

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