The benefits of choosing an Audiologist

Changes in Your Hearing?

Have you noticed changes in your hearing? Have you noticed that there are changes in your loved one’s hearing?

Hearing is an invisible sense, and hearing loss happens gradually. Often times, the most telling sign of hearing loss is difficulty with communication. You may notice that you are asking people to repeat themselves more often.

Untreated hearing loss has the potential to affect many different areas of your life, from emotional to physical health. Untreated hearing loss may affect your social relationships, your earning power, and your safety. It has also been linked to an increased risk of dementia, anxiety, stress, depression, and social isolation.

On average, it takes a person seven years from the time they first notice changes in their hearing until they decide to seek diagnosis and treatment for hearing loss. Access to information online has transformed us into a culture of self-diagnosis.
However, when it comes to hearing health, it is important that you see a dedicated specialist. Your best bet, when experiencing changes in your hearing, is to visit an audiologist at Optimum Audiology.

What is an Audiologist?

Audiologists are health professionals who have been trained in the science of hearing, balance, and related disorders. While many hearing aid dispensaries offer consultations with hearing aid specialists, the majority of “specialists” are not licensed medical professionals.

Audiologists, on the other hand, are licensed to provide diagnosis and treatment for hearing loss and other hearing-related conditions. Audiologists have also specialized in different areas of hearing health, from geriatric to pediatric hearing health, tinnitus (“ringing of the ears”) to balance disorders.

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Reasons to Choose
an Audiologist

Accurate Diagnosis

As licensed health professionals, audiologists have earned a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate degree in Audiology. Unlike employees at hearing aid dispensaries or big box stores, audiologists have been professionally trained by measured standards to diagnose, evaluate, and rehabilitate hearing.

The hearing test is the first step toward better hearing health. When you’ve noticed changes in your hearing, you’ll want to schedule a hearing test and consultation. Audiologists are the highest-trained individual to administer a hearing test and evaluate the results from the audiogram.

The audiogram provides your audiologist with a visualization of your hearing abilities, by ear. It also indicates to your audiologist the degree and configuration of your hearing loss, if present. Based on the audiogram, your audiologist will work with you on finding the best treatment to meet your needs.

As a medical professional, audiologists are required to provide you with opinion and attention based on the best course of action for your condition. We are driven to providing you the best care for your hearing loss.


Audiologists do not perform surgery or prescribe medication, but we are trained to identify and recommend solutions for hearing loss.

As a medical condition, hearing loss may appear with related conditions, known as comorbidities. Comorbidities of hearing loss include increased risk of dementia, depression, anxiety, falls and hospitalizations, as well as links to cardiovascular disorders.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, chances are you may be experiencing related medical conditions. Our audiologists at Optimum Audiology are equipped to assess your hearing health and recommend you to the appropriate medical professionals for treatment.

Better Fit

The fit and function of your hearing aids are the most important step toward better hearing health and better overall health.

Hearing aids are built with sophisticated technology and provide many features to address the many facets of hearing loss. These features must be tailored to fit your specific needs. Hearing aids are an important investment, but they provide many benefits if fitted properly.

Audiologists are trained to fit and customize hearing aids to meet your specific hearing needs. Unlike hearing specialists at dispensaries or big box stores, audiologists do not make suggestions for hearing aids for the profit margin. Audiologists are committed to finding the best treatment for your hearing loss – and that means taking into account the medical side of hearing loss.

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Personalized Care

In 2009, The New York Times reported that “the technical leap is not the only reason for high prices. Traditionally, hearing aids have been sold through professionals who also fit and adjust the devices as part of the overall cost. The system, however, leaves room for plenty of inept or even greedy providers to take the reins.”

When you visit us at Optimum Audiology, you have made the decision to seek intentional, focused, and dedicated personal care for your medical needs. At Optimum Audiology, our audiologists provide you with patient-centered, holistic services that address your hearing health to benefit your overall health and well-being.

Are you ready to begin your journey to better hearing?

We invite you to schedule a consultation with our experienced audiologist, Dr. Mendoza. During your appointment, Dr. Mendoza will test your hearing and recommend a hearing device based on your unique hearing loss and lifestyle.

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