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Optimum Audiology

Our services include, comprehensive hearing testing, hearing aid fitting, tinnitus management, custom hearing protection, testing and treatment for balance disorders and much more.

Our practice has extensive experience working with all branches of the military and recently began working with NASA. Dr. Mendoza also offers concierge and telehealth audiology services outside of Apple Valley.

 We are proud to offer billing services for most major insurances, to save you the hassle. 

Welcome from our audiologist, Dr. Kristi Mendoza

At Optimum Audiology we know Hearing Matters.


Optimum Audiology also offers cognitive screening as a part of a functional hearing assessment. This is an advanced testing protocol which incorporates hearing and cognitive function through a battery of tests.

This assessment is provided at an additional cost but provides answers for families concerned with dementia, memory issues, and Alzheimers. 

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