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Welcome to Optimum Audiology. Since 1991, Dr. Mendoza has been helping people improve their hearing. Are you, or someone you love, experiencing signs of hearing loss? If so, we are here to help. Dr. Mendoza is dedicated to providing the highest quality audiology services. As an independently owned audiology practice, we are able to offer our patients flexible solutions for their hearing loss from a variety of leading hearing aid manufacturers.

Our services include comprehensive hearing testing, hearing aid fitting, tinnitus management, custom hearing protection, testing and treatment for balance disorders and much more. Our practice also has extensive experience working with Veteran’s in the area and are in the network for providing care for Veterans. Dr. Mendoza also offers concierge audiology services outside of Apple Valley.

If you, or someone close to you, is experiencing signs of hearing loss, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mendoza today!

Kristi Mendoza, Au.D.
Kristi Mendoza, Au.D.

How You Can Enjoy Better Hearing

Let’s face it. You have a lot going on. With work, travel, caring for your family, enjoying time with friends and participating in your community, you have too much to do to let hearing loss slow you down.

At Optimum Audiology, we understand your busy lifestyle and want to help you make the most of it. We want to make sure you never miss a memorable chat with your grandkids, an important conversation with a colleague, or the punchline of a friend’s joke. With improved hearing, you’ll be ready for all of life’s best — and often unexpected — moments.

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Discover today what we’ve accomplished for so many others in Apple Valley, CA who were experiencing hearing loss.

Through our audiologist services, we’ve helped them regain control of their lives. We can help you too. We can provide solutions to help make speech clearer through highly sophisticated hearing technology. We can also offer effective strategies to make communicating with family members, friends, and colleagues easier. Better hearing is just a phone call away!


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Hearing loss is extremely treatable. Call or text us for a hearing test and we’ll help you find the right solution.

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