Signia Hearing Aids

Signia hearing knows that you need a lot of focus and dedication to your hearing needs and Signia understands how to help you with your individual needs. Signia knows that you are looking for the right tools and support for you to be better prepared to handle any listening situation. Hearing what happens around you has never been more important in today’s busy world, where a missed word can mean a missed opportunity. Settling for average might have been good enough in the past, but with Signia you don’t have to settle anymore.

Signia was previously known as Siemens. When Siemens sold their hearing branch of their industry, it was purchased by private families that came together and purchased the company in the dream to make hearing aids have more accessibility for things like connectivity but also accessibility to all price points.   When Siemens was officially purchased, they changed the name of the product line from Siemens to Sivantos and then finalized the name at Signia. 

Signia Hearing Aid Technologies

Signia hearing aids have become more widely known in their ability to connect to smartphone Apps with ease and have the flexibility of the patient to be able to adjust the volume, memory and directionality. They have recently come up with a hearing aid called the Stiletto which is very small and hidden behind the pinna and works with bluetooth technology. These aids can also be rechargeable which allows for the user not to have to change the batteries. 

Dynamic Soundscape Processing delivers natural sound and speech in every situation even when moving.  Own Voice Processing optimizes the wearer’s natural-sounding own voice - As a result, everything sounds natural and wearers hear what matters to them wherever they are, wherever they go. 

While dining out with friends, for example, Signia Xperience can make conversation partners and the restaurant’s live background music sound crystal clear and in perfect harmony. And if a waiter approaches from behind and asks if everything is to your satisfaction, the hearing aids also recognize this important speech signal in contrast to general background noise from other restaurant guests. 

Hear what matters to you. The acoustic-motion-powered sound processing of Signia Xperience hands hearing aids a new sense to see and better understand their wearer and what matters to him or her in every moment. Now you can engage fully with life, without compromise.

How much is a Signia hearing aid?

Signia hearing aids are available at Optimum Audiology at various price points to help you to be able to utilize great technology with a value that agrees with your wallet.