Oticon Hearing Aids

Unitron offers advanced solutions with an ease of listening as the solutions are the ones you don’t notice at all. Their signal processing technology is designed to provide a natural listening experience through an optimal first fit with an easy transition to maximum clarity – plus automatic detection and response to changing listening environments.  Unitron has hearing instruments which have bluetooth connectivity and their aids are designed to combine aesthetics, comfort and intuitive functionality to solve real-life challenges. Unitron believes that better hearing is about more than an audiogram. They have created instrumentation that  combines performance tracking and continuous care to create and leverage data-driven insights that help get the most from each hearing care experience. 

Unitron Hearing Aids: Features and Technology

Optimum Audiology offers Unitron hearing aids to the High Desert Community. The Unitron family of hearing aids are created with the idea that life is full of opportunities to embrace unexpected moments. Unitron utilizes Integra OS, a highly advanced signal processing system inside the Moxi Blu family of hearing aids. With these aids, you can be confident your hearing aids can adapt quickly and easily to any unique environment. Unitron integrates made-for-all connectivity and designs that put comfort and ease of use to the user. Their latest platform offers an adaptable, personalized and freeing hearing experience like never before.

The Unitron platform provides additional support, options and control for a more personalized experience. They also utilize a Remote Plus app. This allows you to be better prepared for the situations you know about ahead of time. It also allows you to be prepared for the situations that are not in your control, like noisy and crowded environments. In addition, any changes that require your expertise the remote adjust allows Optimum Audiology to deliver professional fine-tuning remotely. All of this gives flexibility and convenience to you, whether you are at home or on the move.