Widex Hearing Aids

Widex designs, develops, and manufactures industry-leading digital hearing aids. The company was originally founded as a family-owned company and today it is part of the WS Audiology family as a result of its 2019 merger with Sivantos. Hearing care professionals and consumers alike know Widex for their commitment to the highest quality sound reproduction and technical innovation.

Widex is widely known for it’s pure sound quality that mimics spoken language in the most natural way possible. 

Widex has a core belief that sound quality starts with some simple, fundamental foundations. One, a hearing aid won’t be effective unless it captures and processes as much of the sound environment as possible. Two, a hearing aid should help its wearer distinguish and understand speech no matter the environment, noisy or quiet. Three, a hearing aid should deliver what its wearer wants, whether comfort or clarity, when they want it. Fourth, a hearing aid should give its wearer the ability to hear the world perfectly. These foundational beliefs drive the technical innovations that result in “the Widex Sound”—a sound that is pure, clear, natural, comfortable, and customizable.

Widex has proven product performance. Widex has over 60 years of engineering behind it’s name. Widex technology is the result of a relentless pursuit of perfection in providing superior sound quality.

 The patient-first focus of Widex technology ensures that these hearing aids deliver both comfort and performance.
Widex continuously strives to listen to wearer feedback and improve their technology through firmware updates and new feature offerings.

Widex Hearing Aids at Optimum Audiology

Widex Hearing Aids are offered here at Optimum Audiology because they have a clear, comfortable, durable and intelligent sound for our patients. The hearing aids are instantly accepted and adapted by the patients based on their unique fit that makes the hearing aid user comfortable and be able to take in hearing, without being overwhelmed. Widex has a pure, natural sound with a commitment to sound quality. They have a fundamental belief that a hearing aid won’t be effective unless it captures and processes as much of the sound environment for the patient as possible. They believe the hearing aid should help distinguish and understand speech no matter the environment where they are located, noisy or quiet. They believe it should come in a comfortable size that is wearable and discreet. 

Whether you’re walking in the woods and want to hear the leaves crunching under your feet or dining in a noisy restaurant and want to focus on your company, Widex hearing aids can help you hear the way you want to.

Optimum Audiology is an Authorized provider of Widex Hearing aids. Schedule a demonstration of the Moment Hearing aids by calling (760) 503-1700. We can have you listen and experience the sound quality and tinnitus masking solutions that you want to discover before you purchase the hearing aids. 

Widex Hearing Aids: Widex Moment

The WIDEX MOMENT™ delivers the most pure, natural sound ever. 

Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid hits the eardrum later than direct sound, causing distorting artefacts and a metallic effect. However, thanks to the ultrafast ZeroDelay™ pathway on the WIDEX MOMENT™ platform, Widex PureSound™ makes a real, audible difference to users.

Research shows that a large majority of both new and experienced users prefer Widex PureSound™ across different sound scenarios.

Widex also allows all the benefits of the WIDEX MOMENT™ platform into the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion receiver-in-canal hearing aid on the market. This means you don’t have to change your hearing aid batteries which is an added savings for your pocketbook. You can rest easy knowing you’ll always have the power you need in a discreet hearing solution.

Moment hearing aids have advanced water-resistant nano coating which reduces the risk of moisture damage in all RIC models. There is no battery door in the rechargeable RIC which means fewer gaps for moisture entry. The rechargeable’s more durable mic, new mic inlet design, connector o-ring and wireless charging are also crafted to improve moisture resistance.

TV Play

TV PLAY lets hearing aid users enjoy great TV sound effortlessly through their hearing aids by providing direct streaming to both ears. TV PLAY is fast and easy to set up, intuitive to control, and delivers outstanding and stable sound. 

The Widex TV PLAY drops the ‘boxy’ look of many TV streamers and instead has a futuristic design that blends in beautifully with modern homes. And if you still want the TV PLAY out of site, the slim and discrete design means it can fit behind flat screen TVs with no trouble. The Widex TV PLAY offers maximum streaming stability. 

An easy-to-use app lets users balance the volume of the TV sound with ambient sounds and conversations – or choose just to hear the sound from the TV. 


The COM-DEX Remote Mic is a stylish add-on to the COM-DEX solution that allows the client to hear conversations close up and in detail. The COM-DEX Remote Mic allows you to hear speech clearly in challenging one-to-one situations within a range of 10 metres.

Control and adjust sound from COM-DEX Remote Mic itself, or by using the COM-DEX app. You can place the COM-DEX Remote Mic in front of the conversation partner, or attach it using the convenient steel clip.For optimal connectivity the COM-DEX Remote Mic and the COM-DEX must be within sight. 

The battery is rechargeable and lasts up to 8 hours. 

RC Dex

The RC-DEX is a stylish, compact and user-friendly hearing aid remote control. Its simple and intuitive design gives your patients easy control of basic hearing aid features like volume control and switching and programs - also when you're watching TV with TV PLAY.

FM + Dex 

The FM+DEX is a high-quality streaming device designed specifically for hearing aids. It converts signals from an FM receiver, telecoil or line in and streams them to Widex wireless hearing aids. It is compact and user-friendly, and you can easily operate it with a toggle button for program selection and volume control.  A rechargeable battery in the FM+DEX provides up to ten hours of streaming. 

It is also designed with an optional function for locking program and volume and comes with a retention solution suitable for children. The FM+DEX is ideal in a variety of situations such as the classroom, meetings, lectures and concerts.


The UNI-DEX is a neck-worn plug and play solution for easy mobile phone use. The device streams audio to the user’s hearing aids - not just from cell phones, but any device with a mini-jack output.

Its long battery life means that UNI-DEX can stream for up to 40 hours. And it takes only an hour to fully recharge.

Why Widex Hearing Aids?

Widex has done an immense amount of research to be able to bring you better quality, more discrete, more powerful and more clarity, while maintaining a natural sound quality. The measure of a Widex hearing aid is in its ease of use, comfortable and clear sound, reduction of background and circuit noise in a rechargeable style is easily paired to accessory devices. Make that phone call to our office at Optimum Audiology to have a demonstration of this technology.